Prayer Request List

  • prayer request

    I am a member of the Church of Christ. I am asking for prayer that I am able to do well on an upcoming job interview on Tuesday morning. I ask that you pray that I do well, have confidence, get offered a position with good pay and benefits and most importantly that I give it all to God and not to worry. Please pray for my health and that I am able to successfully lose weight and maintain healthy habits. That I am able to keep a positive attitude. Please pray for the safety and well being of my family. Lastly, that I have blessed week. Thank you.

    1. Rick

      How did you interview go? Praying that all is well with you.

  • Charlie Little

    Charlie is going to Cleveland Clinic tomorrow, 9/13, to have some test done.

  • Richard Stewart and other linemen

    Richard and other linemen are heading to Florida to fix power line issues after the hurricane goes through.

  • Leroy Smith

    Dealing with health issues.

  • Terry Frey

    Jim Parkinson has asked for prayers for Terry who is dealing with health issues and is waiting surgery,

  • Tom South

    Tom is in a Washington C H Nursing home with medical issues,

  • Paul Garbut

    Gloria Rogers has asked for prayers for her brother, who is not feeling well,

  • Pam Rupp

    Pam is having test on Tuesday.

  • Rocky Byrd

    Rocky is the spouse of Sandy Marshall, Ruth Kern's, daughter. Rocky needs a partial skull replacement.

  • Hurricane Harvey victims

    Those dealing with flooding, deaths, and being left homeless.

  • Ann Norman

    Ann is suffering with vertigo.

  • Sue Lindsay's family in Texas

    Her family lives in the Houston area and has flooding. Pray for their safety.

    1. Rick

      her family is doing well and the flood waters came very close to their home, but did not come in the house.

  • Cherie Martin

    This is Paul Garbutt's sister. She is dealing with cancer.

  • Todd Haines

    Todd was killed in an accident.

  • Malissa Greene

    Gloria is asking for prayers for her daughter that she is ok. She doesn't know where she is.

  • Paul Garbutt

    Paul was admitted to Miami Valley Hospital yesterday with health issues.

  • Paul Garbutt

    Paul will be coming home today.